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Safety Switch (RCD) Installation & Testing

At Fifth Star, we offer Safety Switch RCD installation and testing services to customers across the Gold Coast. Protect your loved ones from electrical accidents by installing RCDs on every circuit in your home today.

Why are RCDs important?

Put simply, an RCD monitors and tracks the flow of electricity through the circuit it is often attached to. If the RCD detects abnormalities like an electric shock or electrocution, it will switch off the power to the circuit straight away.

Not only does this provide increased protection to you and your family, but it will also protect your house against fire risks as a result of faulty appliances or wiring.

There are different types of RCDs for you to choose from:

Fixed RCD: This offers the ultimate protection as they are found in your consumer unit and protect groups of circuits.

Socket RCD: A plug socket with a built-in RCD, it protects the person who is directly in contact with the appliance plugged into the RCD socket.

Portable RCD: Simple and easy to use, these RCDs are commonly used for outdoor appliances.

Safety Switch Testing

An RCD is a device that can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, but it doesn’t get rid of the risk of electric shocks completely as it must be tested regularly to make sure that it’s working within the right safety standards. This is where the team at Fifth Star come in.

Types of RCD Tests

The RCD tests we can carry out on your behalf include:

• Operating time tests
• Trip time tests
• Push-button tests
• Portable RCD tests

To test your RCD, we will press the test button on your device. This establishes whether your switch is working properly. If your switch is working correctly, the power goes off. If your switch is not working properly, one of our electricians will re-test your switch before replacing or repairing it.

At Fifth Star, we offer a range of RCD installation and testing services in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Give our professional and friendly team a call today on 0424 382 114 for a quote. Alternatively, drop us an email at


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Frequent Questions

Yes. Your portable RCD must be tested to make sure that it’ll respond to a fault situation within the necessary timeframe.

RCD testing must be completed and documented every three months.

Fixed RCDs are usually the most reliable option, and this improves if they are tested frequently.

A plug-in RCD is generally a lot cheaper than a fixed RCD, but a fixed RCD will offer greater protection to keep you and your family safe. It is worth noting that installation prices vary, so do get several quotes before going ahead with an installation.

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